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Group Introduction

Liyang Anshun Gas Co., Ltd. 

Liyang Anshun Gas Co. Ltd., began with ten cylinders and 200 users ,with Liyang natural gas franchise and the "West-East" as opportunities to actively promote the construction of natural gas utilization project . There are more than 520 km of high pressure pipelines settled down, covering ten town in Liyang to achieve "Town pass". The company processes two natural gas gate stations, and one CNG refueling station , and four CNG, LNG filling stations . Its acceptable use of natural gas is 2.166 billion cubic each year. As the second line of gas-supplying in liyang agreeded by CNPC,as well as the"Sichuan-East Gas Transmission" Liyang supporting engineering , Nandu Natural Gas Gate Station promoted Liyang to develop multiple gas source of gas supply.

Since 2015, Anshun Group energy sector added more new members through mergers and acquisitions,such as Ningguo AnShun Gas Co., Ltd, Shexian Anshun Gas Co., Ltd, Fujian Nanping Jiafu Gas Pipeline Co., Ltd, Zhenghe Zhongao Oil & Gas Co.,Ltd , so as to achieve the Group's energy industry site expansion and rapid development.