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Chairman Shao Liang Won the”Chang Zhou City Labor Medal”

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On the morning of April 29, 2016, Chang Zhou City to celebrate the labor medal and the “Reform, Innovation, Service "the mobilization of the general assembly was held in Changzhou City in the administrative center of the Dragon hall. Yan Li, the Secretary of Municipal Party Committee, Fei Gaoyun , the Mayor and four sets of leadership attended the meeting. Chairman Shao Liang was invited to attend the awards ceremony, and was awarded the" Changzhou City Labor Medal ".

In 1985, Shao Liang followed his second brother to construction sites.He a courtyard boy worked hard and was willing to do hard work, from a worker to the construction worker, to the project manager, to the creation of his own construction and installation company. The Anshun Construction Group Co., Ltd. nowadays has “Total Municipal Contracting Business”, among the Liyang construction industry top ten enterprises and construction of Jiangsu Province, best corporate ranks.
In 2000 , he returned to his hometown with the first pot of gold and   established Liyang Anshun Gas Co., Ltd., from 10 steel cylinders and 200 users starting to introduce natural gas to Liyang, deliver the blessing for the people of his hometown, making contribution to the development of Green Liyang. At the same time, in Anhui Ningguo, Shexian, Fujian Nanping, Zhenghe established four natural gas company.
In 2010, Shao Liang into the real estate industry, established the Anshun Real Estate Co., Ltd..
Shao Liang have put“ To make their homes more beautiful "as the corporate vision of Anshun Group, the" Social services, for the benefit of the people "as the purpose of Anshun. He is enthusiastic about charity, and takes an active part in support for the army, poverty relief, etc., named the honor" Changzhou Top Ten Patriotic Entrepreneurs". Thirty years of entrepreneurship, all the way difficult and brilliant, today's Anshun Group has already have the three major industries which are construction project, natural gas, real estate, also have 10 subsidiary companies, completed in the output value of 1.6 billion yuan, tax of 65 million yuan.

After awarded Chairman Shao Liang said that my life has already been met, but my career never satisfied, award is just a new starting point, the future will be redouble my efforts to continue to move forward towards the Anshun Dream "A Harmonious Enterprise, a Listed Enterprise,a Ten-Billion Enterprise, a Time-Honored Enterprise."