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Gas safety knowledge training activity across town ---Liyang Anshun Gas training of industrial and commercial users

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Until the end of June 2016, the number of Liyang Anshun Gas industrial users and business users have up to 131 and 1181 respectively.In order to ensure the security using of gas, Liyang Anshun Gas company contacted closely with various townships safety departments to hold the safely use of gas knowledge training activities for industrial and commercial users . Anshun Gas Safety & Quality members Teng Guozhong, Shi Xinhua etc.,held industrial and commercial users knowledge training activities on July 19, July 29, August 2 respectively across town (ShangXing Town, SheZhu Town, NanDu Town) .This training activity has supplied to the base line.

                                  Industrial and commercial users gas safety knowledge training

Under the circumstances of the increasing number of the industrial and commercial users, gas safety knowledge training is the specific actions to realize the company's target of "where there is a gas users,the safety knowledge to where" , which reflected the enhancement of the company's service consciousness, saved the cost, and seemed as  "kill two birds with one stone".(Shi Xinhua)