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Talent Strategy

Talent Concept: set up the stage to create opportunities
We deeply believe that talents are the most valuable wealth of Anshun. ”Talent-oriented” first respect for talent , on the basis of equality, which means to respect for employee career development goals, respect for the staff of the enterprise put forward different opinions. Secondly, under the premise of respect, caring staff is to regard staff as corporate business partners to help them achieve the best return on career investment.

Talent in the eye of Anshun

Possessing the modern society’s values,including a firm ideal faith and innovation consciousness. Firm ideal faith is the spiritual pillar which should be formed by the deep historical and cultural heritage . The innovation consciousness is shown as a kind of scientific spirit ,a quality of personality quality, a kind of psychological, tendency to pursuing excellence ,and the initiative ability of changing themselves and the enviroment adaptability.

Possessing modenization knowledge structure, embodied in the horizons of knowledge board and foward-looking vision, should stand in the knowledge frontier with a broad perspective ,the pursuit of new discovery , exploring new regularity , creating new methods,new knowledge accumulation.

The perfect personality to meet the development of modern society ,which should be concerned as the outstanding cultural achievments of mankind ,including ethics, philosophy, history,literature, art and so on ,to be the stability of the internal quality, to know how to be born, why alive, including how to deal with man and nature, man and society, as well as interpersonal relationships,such as its own reason, emotion, will, etc.


The principle of employing people in Anshun
Mechanism to attract people, emotion to unite the people, career to retain people, with system protectors.
A talented person, to be abnormality reuse;
Virtue person without talent ,to be training use;
Talented person without virtue, to be restricted;
No talent or virtue, do not use.