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Natural Gas

What‘s the use of natural gas?

   The use of natural gas? en natural gas for power generation, waste of natural gas-fired gas turbine power plant emission levels significantly lower than coal and fuel power plants, and higher power generation efficiency, low cost, fast construction; in addition, gas turbine starting and stopping speed, peak capacity, water consumption, and covers an area of province.

Natural gas can also be used as chemical raw materials. To natural gas as raw materials primary processing products are ammonia, methanol, carbon black and nearly 20 other varieties, after processing by two or three times an important chemicals including formaldehyde, acetic acid and dimethyl carbonate more than 50 varieties. Using natural gas as the raw material of chemical production equipment low investment, low energy consumption, small footprint, less personnel, better environmental protection and low operating costs. Natural gas is widely used in residential and commercial gas cookers, water heaters, heating and cooling, is also used in paper-making, metallurgy, stone, ceramic and glass industries, drying and dehydration can also be used for wastes incineration.

Natural gas vehicle carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbon emission levels significantly lower than gasoline, diesel engine cars not carbon, not worn, very low operating costs, is an eco-friendly car.

Why use gas kitchen more wet oily substance?

    Why use gas kitchen more wet oily substance? when the gas for cooking, people kitchen is very wet, the grease on the walls. Some users install high flow in the kitchen (8~10l/min) gas water heater, kitchen ceiling water droplets appear when using, it is formed by natural gas combustion products. 1m³ after the complete combustion of natural gas to generate 1m³ and 2m³ of carbon dioxide vapor.

Gas stove eyes rated flow of natural gas was 0.6m3/h, 2m3/h gas flow heaters rated flow around. It’s visible that using the eyes focus to generate about 1.2m3 steam per hour; about 4m3 per hour using a flow heater to generate steam. Steam meets cold walls and ceilings, it condenses into water droplets. Cooking oil fumes encountered will be attached to it on cold surfaces.

  Thus there are some wet oily substances in the kitchen. In addition, the carbon dioxide produced by burning is slightly soluble in water and acid, iron or rust in the kitchen. To solve the wet kitchen grease, enhanced ventilation is the key, to open the window when cooking, the best additional exhaust fan. High-flow water heater flue must be device and exhaust to the outdoors.

What are the main characteristics of natural gas?

While natural gas has many components, each component does not chemistry with each other, and the nature of the components and content in the gas determines the nature of the gas. Due to the methane in natural gas levels above 90%, the gas also known as methane, we often feature characteristics of methane gas as gas.  Methane of characteristics following: methane is colorless tasteless of gas which burning has slightly glow of shallow blue flame,and lighter than air, in low temperature high pressure can into liquid, critical temperature for-82.1 ℃, critical pressure for 4.64Mpa, liquefied volume will narrowed 600 times, burning  1 cubic meter methane do needed 9.52 cubic meters air, methane in air in the of explosion limit: lower 5%; ceiling 15%.