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Why gas stoves get no fire?

First, there is no gas. When gas stoves can’t get fire , the first thing to check whether ventilation,  or to open the valve.

Second,battery has no electricity. Founding that gas stoves can’t get fire, they want to check whether the battery has electricity, if not, only need to change the normal one battery on it.

Third, poor contact of the circuit, mainly check the battery box of positive and negative has no rust. The line is no bad contact, if it has, need to remove the rust line accurate connection.

Fourth, over voltage protection. A lot of gas stoves have over-voltage protection function. Once  over voltage, the gas stoves will not started, then try to change a pressure reducing valve.

Fifth, the blockage of the pipeline. Once the pipeline is blocked, it is necessary to check the gas outlet valve, generally can smell gas and gas stove can’t get fire which is likely to gas blockage, when the need of the pipeline dredge.

Sixth, micro switch is damaged which in a very small place in gas stove , but it compared to normal faults are difficult to repair. Generally speaking is not recommended owners themselves for their maintenance, this is a fine, professional work. It is best to ask professional personage to solve.

Seventh, ignition needle is dirty. The kitchen is very easy to dirty, especially easily contaminated with oil, gas stove placed for too long, ignition needle can easily be stained with oil, then you need to clean the ignition needle of the grease, and then try to ignition.

Eighth, Inappropriate position of ignition needle. When get fire, gas stove ignition needle and the fire cover the distance is a certain requirements. Once the deviation from the distance too much can cause gas stove no fire, and in general, ignition needle and the fire cover the distance is 4-6mm, and aim at the fire hole.

Ninth, the gas stove has a high pressure line . Once the high pressure line appeared aging, it also easily lead to the gas stove no fire, then only need to add a set of high pressure protection, this should pay more attention to the observation in daily life.