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Gas Meter Reading&Security Checking

Meter reading service

Units (Industrial and Commercial users)

According to the company's rules (four times a month) to carry out the meter reading, and then,will provide you with a copy of the form to sign.

Inhabitant Users

Our monthly 10-20 meter reading, for indoor table user, take the door access. Please in monthly 31 of the gas meter number to fill on the numbered off card and place in front of the booth in the doorway. If pick-up time changed, please pay attention to our posted notices of reading, or gas bill tips.

Security service

Units (Industrial and Commercial users)


Our safety and quality staff will be directly to the door for a regular safety inspection, to ensure that the frequency of two times a year.

Inhabitant Users

We will be posting security notice a week in advance in the building of security required , listed security check of time. Please arrange family members waiting for our professional on-site inspection, to ensure that the burner and the pipeline safety, allowing you to feel at ease, rest assured.


Our door-to-door service staff dress must be clean, must wear work clothes, wearing work permit.

Security found hidden dangers, please follow the guidelines on the list of hidden dangers to cooperate with the rectification.

Our dispatch center will be in the monthly irregular users of last month, the security of (randomly selected) to pay a return visit, visit content for the security quality, appearance and deportment and civilized language, please pay attention to in the process of security check