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Emergency Service

As an emergency rescue department and Liyang public utility service window units, 24 hours a day on duty, mainly responsible for the city's various types of gas and gas facilities and urban gas users daily maintenance and security work.

Indoor part

  • Check the gas appliance (water heater, stove etc.) is normal
  • Maintenance and replacement of the indoor gas facilities (valve, gas meter)
  • Maintenance and replacement of indoor gas pipeline (galvanized pipe,rubber hose)
  • Air tightness detection of the indoor gas pipeline and the equipment
  • Emergency repair of indoor gas accident
  • Industrial and commercial users of various types of gas failure repair, accident treatment

Outdoor parts

  • Maintenance and replacement of building public pipeline

  • Maintenance and replacement of outdoor gas facilities (valve, pressure regulator, connecting sleeve, expansion joint)

  • Air tightness detection of building public pipeline and equipment

  • Emergency repair of building public pipeline accident